Compact Carpet Cleaner – A Revolution In Traditional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning becomes a hassle if you have to deal with heavy, space-consuming and difficult to maintain carpet cleaning equipment. These huge carpet cleaning units will not only be expensive but also extremely difficult to use, exhausting and frustrating you by the end of the cleaning job. Well, the disadvantages of the traditional carpet cleaner gave rise to the introduction of the sleek, smart, easy to maintain and use, compact carpet cleaner. Not only is the compact carpet cleaner is easily available in the market but also cheap and light weight enough to be used at any time.

Imagine your pets or children staining your carpet a number of times in a day, and I can imagine your reaction at the thought of taking out that heavy carpet cleaning equipment to clean some small but adamant stains. In such situations, a compact carpet cleaner would seem god sent and a blessing. It is simple to use at any time of the day, in an emergency too. You can simply keep it filled use it when needed and keep it away and proceed to work. As simple as that! If you have doubts about its cleaning capacity, then rest assured, a compact carpet cleaner is as efficient as any other bulky unit which you rent from a store or a supermarket.

A compact carpet cleaner uses almost the same mechanism for carpet cleaning as a big carpet cleaner would. It will be equipped with a rotating brush that enables deep cleaning of your carpets, which also helps cleaning the stubborn stains through the jet spray and to vacuum it as well. If you are wondering how durable such machines would be, well, if they are manufactured to clean a carpet, then they better be sturdy and nothing less than that. Some of these simple carpet cleaners also double up as hard floor cleaners. These will have about 8 – 10 liters of tank capacity and are ideal of stains and spots.

Some of these hassle-free carpet cleaning models are equipped with efficient and high-speed brushes and an equally efficient vac. You can easily maneuver it on the carpet’s small areas, edges, and upholstery. They are designed to clean up several types of stains, such as soft drink, wine, tea or coffee stains. Some of them are automatic or hands-free as well as manual and you can use these dual setting according to your requirement and the stain type. It comes with a limited warranty period. All you have to do in an automatic setting is to fill the unit and set the stain type and leave the cleaning job to it unit, within minutes the job will be complete to your satisfaction and without your interference. For tougher stain, this compact carpet cleaner will require you to use some of its attachments such as a hose or a specific brush manually. So buy a compact carpet cleaner and get rid of the hassle of carpet cleaning ritual.